One Day Car Insurance

A Guide to One Day Car Insurance

Insurance is often not as flexible as we would like. This is why we created one day car insurance.

Sometimes cars break down and you need to borrow your partner’s car to get to work. Or maybe you’re going on a long journey and you want to share the driving.

For one day you need insurance, and the last thing you want to do is have to call up your insurance company, sit on hold for hours and finally get through to find out they can’t help you or that it’ll cost an arm and a leg to be insured on a different car for one day.

What can One Day Car Insurance be used for?

  • Add a Driver / Insure a Driver for One Day
  • One Day Insurance Cover for Emergencies
  • One Day Insurance to Buy a Car
  • Cover a Friend / Relative on your Car 
  • Insurance Cover on a Borrowed Car
  • Add an Extra Driver for a Long Journey

With InsureDaily, you can get a quote in seconds with just some basic details, and be fully covered and on the road within minutes. So that if your car doesn’t start in the morning, you don’t have to be late for work. If you want to share the driving on a long journey you don’t have to call up your insurance company a week before. You can buy it online, from the passenger seat.

Insurance done simply. For as long as you want, as soon as you want it.

How Does One Day Car Insurance Work?

  • Get Insurance in minutes Cover for 24 hours (or more if needed!)
  • Compare our cheapest prices
  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Breakdown cover included

The average cost for a one day insurance policy with InsureDaily is less than £30. This price is a rough estimate, and prices will vary depending on many factors including vehicle, age and location. 

With InsureDaily you can take out one day’s car insurance in minutes, online, from the comfort of wherever you happen to be. With instant cover and documents emailed over automatically, there is nothing holding you back from getting on the road.

Free Breakdown - Roadside Assistance with Every One Day Policy 

To keep our customers safe on the road whilst driving, we have arranged Roadside Assistance cover for the period of the policy - this is included at no extra cost for InsureDaily customers. If you breakdown on the road, CallAssist will be able to attend your vehicle to try and get it started again. For full details of this cover, please view our Roadside Assistance page.

How does one day car insurance affect my annual policy?

If there is already a main insurance policy on the car, that’s fine, this policy simply works as a separate ‘top-up’ policy to cover the extra driver. Should there be a claim under this policy, it doesn’t affect your main policy - so your previously ‘hard earned’ No Claim Bonus is not put at risk by covering the additional driver in this way.

InsureDaily policies offer comprehensive cover, and it won’t affect your annual policy in any way. So you can have the peace of mind of comprehensive cover, without risking your No Claims Bonus, and you can be covered in just a few minutes.

One Day Car Insurance is perfect for situations like:

  • Insuring an additional driver for one day or more
  • Sharing the driving on a long journey or holiday
  • Cover to insure a friend or relative who is visiting
  • Insurance for a day when buying or test driving a new car

What do I need to get a quote?

  • Personal Details – Name, address, and date of birth
  • Your driving history – how long you’ve had your driver’s licence
  • Information about the car you are insuring – registration number

This is all you need to get a quick quote with InsureDaily, and it only takes seconds to get a price.

More about InsureDaily’s One Day Car Insurance

All our policies offer Comprehensive insurance cover. This means you are covered when driving for:

  • Accidental Damage to the car covered under the policy
  • Any Third Party damage, should you have an accident in the car
  • Fire and Theft damage to the car

Guide to One Day Insurance Policy - we use several Insurance Companies and this is the Insurance Product Information Document for the Marketstudy Policy - for the full range of policies for all our insurers, view these on the Policy Wordings page.

We specialise in offering one day car insurance policies at great rates which can help to make it more affordable to get behind the wheel for a single day. Not only do we try to keep our prices low, we also reduce the excess level you may be out of pocket for by packaging an Excess Reduction policy within the cover.

Whatever your reason for needing one day insurance, we can help you to find the cover that you need at a price which doesn’t break your budget.


Frequently Asked Questions about One Day Car Insurance

Q. Can I get more than one day's insurance?

A. InsureDaily offers a range of policies options, from 1 Day to 84 Days, so you can be flexible with the number of days required.

Q. Can I get insurance on a car that is already insured?

A. Yes. This policy acts as a top-up policy and is independent of the main policy, so if the main vehicle owner has their policy in place, it is fine for a temporary additional driver to be covered under this policy.

Q. Does the policyholder of the main policy need to be with me when I'm driving under this policy?

A. No, they do not need to be with you. You just need their permission to borrow their car though.

Q. Am I covered to drive other cars through my annual policy?

A. No, you are not automatically covered. Some policies do include Driving Other Cars (DOC) cover (you will need to check your insurance certificate), but this is limited to the policyholder only and restricted to Third Party Only cover, so there will be no cover for any damage to the vehicle you are borrowing. If you want comprehensive cover without risking your NCB, take out one of our One Day Car Insurance policies which also covers the vehicle you are borrowing.

Q. Why is one day car insurance so expensive?

A. Temporary car insurance can seem expensive, it allows you to buy insurance as and when you need it. The flexibility can save you money as it is a lot cheaper than a longer policy, but the risk to the insurer can still be high! For a more in-depth explanation you can read our guide on the cost of temporary car insurance.

One Day Car Insurance Quote in Seconds

There are many reasons why you might find yourself in need of one day car insurance cover. We have helped motorists from across the UK to arrange 1 day car insurance cover, so if you find yourself in one of the following situations, Insure Daily can make it much easier to organise the insurance that you need;

  • You need to drive a courtesy car whilst your own vehicle is in the garage. We can arrange the day insurance that you need to ensure that you can keep driving when your own car is being repaired or serviced.
  • You want to take a test drive without the usual restrictions. Arrange daily car insurance for your potential new vehicle for a day so you can take it out on the roads unaccompanied, and get a real idea of what your new car or van is like to drive.
  • You have treated yourself to a new car on the spur of the moment. You’ll want to drive your new vehicle as soon as you get the keys, and one day car insurance from Insure Daily can help you to get out on the roads as soon as possible.

If any of the above apply to you, we recommend that you get a quote from Insure Daily today to organise a one day insurance policy.