Impounded Car Insurance

What is impounded car insurance?

Impounded Car Insurance is a policy which can assist you in the release of an impounded car which has been seized by the police or other authorities. Impound cover is a legal requirement in order to retrieve your vehicle from the impound and it is not covered by most annual policies.


This is why we offer short term impound cover, so that rather than having to buy an annual policy that does include impound cover, you can get 30 days of impound cover (which is the legal minimum in order to be able to release your vehicle from an impound).

So whether your vehicle is impounded due to you not having insurance on your vehicle or if your vehicle was illegally parked, temporary impound insurance may be the best solution for you in a sticky situation. The Impounded Car Insurance policy offers you a solution to retrieving a car from a police compound providing immediate 30-day third-party insurance cover for drivers aged between 21 - 75 with the full UK driving licence for 12 months or more.

  • Impounded Car Insurance cover arranged in minutes
  • You can instantly download and print Insurance Certificate
  • Considers a pending no insurance conviction
  • Immediate cover to release the police seized vehicle
  • 30-day policy for Impounded Car Insurance

How does impounded car insurance work?

When you produce your car documentation to the impound, you will be required to produce insurance documentation valid for a minimum of 30 days. Not all policies are acceptable, as some standard insurance policies specifically exclude use for releasing cars from impounds. The cover level is for Third Party Only. If you have been served with a Section 165A seizure notice by the Police for not having motor insurance on a car, this policy will give you sufficient insurance documentation to recover the car.

Why do cars get impounded?

Under section 165A of Road Traffic Act 1988, the Police have the power to seize any vehicle that is being driven without a valid insurance policy or where the driver does not hold a valid driving licence. If the driver has committed the offence or the Police are unable to establish insurance cover being in place at the roadside, the car will be seized and taken to the impound, where you will be charged a release fee plus daily storage charges until the vehicle is collected. There are several reasons why a car may be impounded or seized, here are some examples:

  • Being uninsured
  • Not holding a valid license
  • Not paying road tax
  • Car is parked illegally
  • Being driven or driving without a driving licence
  • Using or driving your car in a dangerous way

How can I retrieve my car from an impound?

Once you know where your vehicle is being kept, you will need to pay a release fee plus daily storage charges until the vehicle is collected. This is why the quicker you can retrieve your vehicle from the impound, the cheaper it will be for you. You will need to bring your valid driving licence, proof of ownership and an MOT certificate and proof of your impound insurance. The impound will tell you if there are any additional documents needed, as this can vary depending on what you have been impounded for. There is a strict time limit of 14 days as explained in the S.165 notice that will be handed to you at the roadside. After this date, there is a risk that your vehicle will be crushed.

With InsureDaily impounded vehicle insurance we deliver your certificate of insurance by email instantly. So you don’t have to wait around, because we understand that when your car is impounded, time costs money! To find out more about seized vehicles and how to release impounded vehicles you can check out the dedicated Metropolitan Police page here

More about InsureDaily Impounded Insurance

There are a couple of restrictions with this impound insurance policy. The policy must be in the name of the legal owner and registered keeper of the vehicle. You will not be able to get the vehicle released from the impound if this is not the case, so make sure you don’t take insurance out in the wrong person’s name. The policy is purely for the purpose of releasing the vehicle from the impound and it covers only the policyholder, who must be the vehicle owner. This policy covers third party only, and as is specified in the certificate of insurance it can be used for releasing an impounded vehicle. You must be able to meet the strict acceptance criteria before buying our thirty days impounded vehicle insurance cover. So make sure it’s what you’re looking for and what you need before purchasing the policy.