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One Day Van Insurance

One Day Van InsuranceIf you need to arrange one day van insurance, Insure Daily can help. We specialise in providing one day, one week and one month car and van insurance for drivers who are looking for a quick and simple way to insure a vehicle on a temporary basis, and with affordable policies as our speciality, you can rest assured that you will get a great deal on one day insurance when arranging a policy with Insure Daily.

Why do our customers need 1 day van insurance? We help our customers to get the insurance that they need to drive in a range of different circumstances, including the following;

  • Your van is being serviced or repaired and you need to drive the courtesy vehicle supplied by the garage or dealership. Perhaps your van will be at the garage all day for its MOT. With one day van insurance from Insure Daily, you don’t need to worry about getting behind with business when your van is out of action.
  • You want to take a new van for a real test drive. Arranging van insurance for a day will give you the opportunity to get behind the wheel of your new van and go for a drive unaccompanied, which will give you a better idea of how it handles out and about on the roads.
  • You have bought a new van but haven’t had time to arrange insurance. If you want to drive your van as soon as you receive the keys, 1 day van insurance could enable you to get out on the roads without waiting to arrange a full policy.

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