One Day Van Insurance

Do You Need 24 Hour Van Insurance?

Sometimes a car just won’t get the job done. You might need a van. If you need a van for a day, you will definitely need one day van insurance. Well, you’re in the right place.

Whether you need to insure an extra driver for your van or you need to borrow someone else’s van for a day, we’ve got the cheap one day van insurance you need. So you only pay for the cover you need, when you need it.

No extra fees, no faffing around calling up your annual insurers to see if they can help you out. Whether you own the van or not, we’ve got you covered. You can get a quote in seconds for one day van insurance and be covered in minutes.

How Does One Day Van Insurance Work?

  • Cover for 24 hours (or more if needed!)
  • Cheap One Day Van Insurance
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Breakdown cover included
  • Get insured in minutes

If you decide to take out insurance with InsureDaily, you can get your van insured in just a few minutes! The insurance cover level is Comprehensive, and the good news is, that it is all available to buy online, and with the Certificate of Insurance confirming cover emailed to you instantly - you are ready to go!

If there is already an annual policy on the van our one day van insurance simply works as a separate policy which you can just ‘top up’ when you need to. So if you end up needing more than one day, you can always get cover for extra days! Your No Claims Bonus on your annual policy also remains safe, as with InsureDaily if there was a claim under the policy, the driver and owner of the vehicle's NCB on the main policy would not be put at risk.

If the van isn’t already insured? No problem! Our one day van insurance can still cover you, so if you buy a new van and need to drive it home, or maybe you have a couple of days before your next annual policy starts, we can cover you. Van Insurance made easy, when you want it, for how long you need it.

Why you might need one day van insurance

One day van insurance can be perfect for certain situations:

  • Insuring an extra driver for a long journey
  • Borrowing a van from a friend for the day
  • Renting a van when you are moving house
  • Renting a van for a day trip
  • Cover for when you buy a new van and drive it home

These are just some examples of why one day van insurance is perfect for you. If you think one day van insurance is something you need, get a quick quote here!

What information do I need to get a quick quote?

  1. Personal Details – Name, address, and date of birth
  2. Your driving history – how long you’ve had a licence
  3. Information about the van you are insuring – registration number

What does one day van insurance cover?

  • Accidental Damage to the van covered under the policy
  • Any Third-Party damage, should you have an accident in the van
  • Fire and Theft damage to the van

For full details on what is and what isn't covered by our van insurance policies you can check the policy documents here

Frequently Asked Questions about One Day Van Insurance

Q. Can I insure my van for longer than one day?

A. Yes, you can insure a van with us for any length of time between 1 day and 1 month. So if one day isn’t enough for you, we can cover you for any period up to a month.

Q. Is van insurance comprehensive?

A. Yes, all of our van insurance policies are on a comprehensive basis.

Q. Can I get one day van insurance on a borrowed van?

A. Yes, you can take out van insurance on a borrowed van or a van that you own. You just need permission to borrow the van if you don’t own it!

Q. Can I choose when the one day van insurance starts?

A. Yes, you can choose the start time of your policy, so it can start in 5 minutes from now or in a couple of weeks. No waiting around, it covers you when you want it and need it.

Q. What vans can you insure?

A. We are able to insure most standard vans. There are some exceptions, for example, we cannot cover horseboxes, lorries, motor homes or caravans, campervans, refrigerated vehicles or tippers. The van must also have no more than 8 seats. There are other restrictions which you should check before taking out the policy in the acceptance criteria which can be found here