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Test Drive Insurance

Test Drive InsuranceFor many of us, buying a car is going to be our second most expensive purchase after buying a home. It’s always important to try before you buy, and Insure Daily can provide you with unaccompanied test drive insurance when you’re looking to buy a car or van and give you the freedom to take a vehicle for a spin unaccompanied.

We realise that many of our customers would like test drive insurance at short notice that can be arranged quickly – without the need for complicated forms – but still provides great cover. 

Garages often provide their own insurance cover but with an unrealistic policy excess. You can even email your insurance certificate directly to your chosen garage or dealership to prove that you have arranged your comprehensive daily car insurance for your test drive, whether it be for one day, one week or a long weekend. What’s more, buying temporary insurance cover will not jeopardise your no claims bonus in the event of an incident.

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Temporary Insurance for all Requirements

We have assisted a number of people to arrange unaccompanied test drive insurance for one day or even longer, and these motorists have chosen us to provide them with instant comprehensive cover for a range of different needs. Do any of these sound familiar?

Courtesy Car Insurance  ~ get covered to drive a courtesy car whilst yours is out of action
Drive Away Insurance ~ drive your newly purchased vehicle as soon as you get the keys
Short Term Van Insurance ~ perfect when you need to drive a van for up to a month
Temporary Additional Driver ~ let friends or family drive your car

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