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Temporary Van Insurance

Temporary Van InsuranceThere are occasions when you need to use a van, but generally this cannot be covered by your car insurance policy, so online Temporary Van Insurance is the ideal solution. Here are some of the examples of when this may come into play;

  • moving house - borrowing a van
  • adding a driver to drive your van
  • an unaccompanied test-drive
  • needing to drive a new van home


And many other reasons for requiring temporary cover on a van can be solved by using InsureDaily. 

Not everyone requires a van all the time, but there are certainly some occasions when having a van is very helpful, like moving home or collecting large household items.

If you require Instant Comprehensive Cover for driving a van from 1 day, up to 28 days, InsureDaily can help you out. Drivers need to be aged 21 - 75 years of age.

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Insure Van Temporarily

Example One: Mrs Hughes has offered to help out at a local charity event, which is arranging a 'house clearance' sale, with many local people offering up unwanted furniture and goodies for the charity to sell at the event. A neighbour has kindly offered her the use of his van to collect the furniture and take it to the event, provided that she arranges the relevant insurance cover. He tells her about InsureDaily. That evening she arranges cover to start for the weekend, when the event is happening. Comprehensively insured, Mrs Hughes is able to use the van in confidence - with her insurance documents download - and she helps the event to raise £640 for the charity. Simple to use and competitively priced, InsureDaily helped Mrs Hughes when she needed additional van insurance cover.

One Week Van Insurance

Example Two: Mr Clifton has his van, which he wants to take on holiday with him to Norfolk. The day before going he sprains his foot playing football, and is unable to drive. His girlfriend, who was joining him on holiday, agrees to do the driving for the week away. They take out a policy with InsureDaily to cover her as an additional driver on the van for the week. Whilst away, his girlfriend has a small accident, which is her fault. She reports the incident immediately to InsureDaily and they deal with the claim. Mr Clifton is delighted to find out that the incident has not had any negative effect to the No claims Bonus he has been building up, as the One Week Van Insurance policy is deemed separate to his annual policy.