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Why do I need Temporary Car Insurance?

When it comes to the question of ‘Why do I need Temporary Car Insurance’? To be honest, the answers are endless. In this article, we’ll list a few of the more common scenarios and explain why Temporary Car Insurance may just be the solution.

Why might you need Temporary Car Insurance

  • Car sharing – In this current economical climate, finances are a big deal for everyone. If you have a full UK driving licence, but do not necessarily have the funds to own, run, insure, tax, service and MOT your own vehicle, borrowing someone else’s car may be the solution for you. You still need to get from A to B and in light of Covid-19, many people are opting for safer travel as opposed to public transport. Speak with a friend or family member about borrowing their car, and if the answer is yes, get yourself some Temporary Car Insurance for a time limit that suits you.
  • Buying a new car – Say you’re purchasing a new car but you can’t collect it until next week, what are you going to do for transport in the meantime? The reasonable answer would be to borrow someone else’s car.
  • Emergency cover – You’ve got an emergency on your hands; you need to get someone (or yourself) from A to B as quickly as legally possible but you don’t have a car on the drive to use. You look over and notice your friendly neighbour does. You knock on the door and ask if you can borrow their car however, they raise the question of Insurance. Are you covered? Get yourself a Temporary Car Insurance policy and you will be. By going online and getting an InsureDaily Temporary Car Insurance policy within minutes, we do the hard work so you can focus on your emergency at hand.
  • Sharing the driving on a long journey – Depending on Covid-19 restrictions, many of us are opting to travel within the UK for our adventures this year. As such, this can mean longer car journeys. With longer journeys, come more miles and more strain on the driver. If you’re travelling with someone else, and you both have full UK driving licences, it may be advisable to share the driving. This way, you can share the focusing, share the driving, and have a more pleasant onward journey.
  • Moving house – Put yourself in the scenario of moving house but you have a small car. How are you going to get all of your belongings, boxes and household items into that car? Well, I suppose with multiple trips you could but that will only really work if you’re moving just down the road. If you’re moving further afield, or say, going to university, you may want to research your options of hiring / borrowing a bigger vehicle so you can do the move in one trip. As they say… work smarter not harder!
  • Add a temporary driver on your own car – We’ve focused on scenarios whereby you may want to borrow another car. However, what about if someone else wants to borrow your car? Well, the same process applies. Providing they have a full UK driving licence and meet the InsureDaily criteria, you can also get a Temporary Car Insurance policy for them to drive your car. Don’t take chances. Make sure whoever drives your car does so with comprehensive cover.

Temporary Car Insurance from InsureDaily

With cover available from 1-84 days, providing you are over the age of 18 and have held your licence for at least 6 months, InsureDaily may be able to help.

What's Covered?

  • Damage to the vehicle in an accident
  • Malicious damage, fire, theft and vandalism
  • Third party property damage cover up to £20 million
  • Legal obligations to third party claims for injury
  • Emergency medical treatment fees
  • Permanently fitted sound and telephone systems up to £250

Visit our website for more information and find out for yourself just how easy it is to get Temporary Car Insurance with InsureDaily. Visit our website.