Winter Car Games Next Time You Borrow a Car

During this winter you’ll probably be doing a lot of travelling.

Car journeys can be a bit of a bore for your passengers, unless you know how to make the most of them. That is why car games were invented.

Here is a list of five car games you can play to make your winter travels a little bit better.

Alphabet Game

This requires two things: creativity and for at least one person to know the alphabet.

A person chooses a topic. You take it in turns saying something related to that topic. What you say must start with the next letter in the alphabet.

For example, the category could be ‘Fruit & Veg’, in which case the person starting off could say “Apple” for ‘A’. The next person would have to say something beginning with ‘B’, so “Bananna”. the following person could say “Carrots”, and so on.

Sound easy? Wait until you get to X, Y & Z.

rrules for an alphabet car game on red background with snow man next to them

Landmark Spotting

This game requires a little preparation.

If you are taking a route that has any notable landmarks, create a list of the landmarks for people to look out for.

This is a great way to both occupy and educate the kids. However, it is often prone to people cheating (people saying they saw a landmark when they didn’t). Try putting in a few landmark traps (landmarks you know won’t show up) to catch out those cheaters.

rules for landmark car game on red background with toy reindeer next to them

Most Likely To

The game that shows what everyone really thinks about one another.

To play this game simply say a ‘most likely to’ statement and vote on who in the car is the most likely to do it.

It’s fine when the statements are positive, such as “most likely to become famous…”. However when the statements are negative, say “most likely to go to prison…” – that is when the fun really begins.

rues for the most likely to game on red background, snow mountain next to it

20 Questions

This game tests your deduction capabilities. It requires you to guess the item or person somebody is thinking of, within 20 questions.

Three questions that are always worth asking are: Is it living?  Is it smaller than a car? Can we see this thing right now?

rules for the 20 questions game on red background, snowy trees next to it


Old, but an unbeatable classic – we all probably know how it works, but for those unaware, the game is pretty straightforward. Somebody says they ‘spy’ an undisclosed item and everyone else has to guess what it is. The person ‘spying’ has to disclose what letter the item starts with.

rules for the i spy game on red background, snowy house with chimney smoking

Use these car games next time you’re borrowing a vehicle. Car journeys are only boring if you allow them to be.

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