Which Halloween ghoul would you share the driving with?

With temporary car insurance, if you don’t want to be the only one driving the car, you can insure another person temporarily on the same car. However, there are some people (or should we say ‘things’) that shouldn’t be on your list for 2nd drivers.

With Halloween on our heels, we’ve listed some of the worst and best ghouls and spectres to have behind the wheel of the car with you.

Worst – Werewolf

graphic of a werewolf

When this creature is in its human form they’re no more dangerous to have as an added driver than your parent or sibling. But when the sun goes down and the full moon comes out this person becomes the worst kind of creature – not to mention they are barking mad drivers!

Best – Mummy

graphic of a mummy


Mummys are not well renowned for their speed. Although you won’t be going anywhere fast, you can at least be sure you’ll get there safely. Not to mention, in the event of a crash, they’re covered in bandages to cushion any blows and wrap you up if you’re hurt – like a living first aid kit!

Worst Invisible man

graphic of an invisible man

The invisible man’s worst trait is that no one can see him, not even the police. Don’t be surprised if you’re cruising along and get pulled over because the police think nobody is behind the wheel of the car. The policeman wouldn’t even be able to verify the invisible man’s driving licence, because there’s no picture on it!

Best – Vampire

graphic of a vampire bat

Vampires have keen senses and can see in the dark, making them perfect for navigating dark, twisty roads. Plus, they live for the night, so they’ll be at their most alert when taking over the wheel, when you’ll be at your most tired.  If you want to catch a nap, they can use their hypnotic powers to put you to sleep, just be sure to cover your neck before nodding off.

Worst – Ghost

graphic of a ghost

Ghosts have a similar issue as the invisible man, but if anyone has seen ‘Casper the friendly ghost’ you know that ghosts can be visible when they want to. However, they do have an issue with phasing through things. Don’t expect to go very far when a ghost can’t touch the wheel of the car or even turn the engine on.

Best Alien

graphic of a alien

Who better to have behind the wheel than a super advanced entity. They handle machinery way more advanced than any car you could have. Who knows, you may even be able to fly their spaceship instead. However, you may struggle to find an insurer who covers intergalactic space vehicles.

Worst – Zombie

graphic of a zombie

They say that one of the biggest distractions a driver can face is hunger and a zombie would be constantly distracted from the road, hungrily fixated with the brain sitting next to him. In other words, yours.



Best – Witch

graphic of a witches hat

Caught in traffic? A witch can cast a spell to levitate you past traffic. Hungry? A witch will have their cauldron with a few ingredients in the back to soothe that hunger pain. Want to know when you’ll arrive at your destination? They can read the future to tell you exactly when you’ll arrive. In all honesty, who wouldn’t want to share the driving with a witch?

What monsters would you like to share the car with?

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