Temporary Car Insurance for Large Families

A large family may not always mean a large car; you may find that your daily routine just doesn’t involve the whole family being in the car at one time.

But there is sure to be a time where the whole family will need to be in the car all at once, such as family occasions, UK getaways…the list goes on.

So what is the solution when it comes to heading off as a family? How do you get around the issue of getting everyone to one place with a car that isn’t big enough?

Take two cars:

An option is to take two vehicles; if you only have one car then you can borrow a friend or family member’s car and cover it with temporary car insurance. This will allow enough room for any luggage and provide a far more comfortable ride than squeezing in the one car.

Borrow a larger car:

If you are venturing on a slightly longer trip, a larger vehicle will allow you to split the driving between two of you. If you know someone with a larger car you can get temporary car insurance to cover yourself on this car. You can also cover and additional driver on the same policy, so you can simply switch over when the tiredness begins to kick in.

Hire a car:

You may choose to hire a larger car for the whole family. Check with your hire company if insurance comes with the car. If it doesn’t you may need to get temporary car insurance to ensure you are covered.

For a quote for temporary car insurance for larger families, get a quote and buy online for a future date here.

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