One day car insurance can be cheaper than public transport!

one day car insurance

Did you know that ‘one day car insurance’ can actually work out cheaper than buying a train ticket? Well 27 year-old Tom from London recently found out!

According to the BBC, Tom managed to travel from London to Bristol via a car he purchased that very same day, for less than the cost of a train ticket.

Tom’s Story…

Tom managed to buy a car, tax it, insure it, and put fuel in it, and travel from London to Bristol, for a total of £208.61. Compared with a train ticket which would have cost him £218.10 (in peak times), he actually managed to save money! The car was a 1997 Honda Civic, which had 135,000 miles on the clock. He managed to purchase this for the absolute bargain price of £80.

This bold experiment really did highlight how to think outside of the box when costs of public transport are getting you down.

For the full story, watch the video Tom made by clicking here.

One Day Car Insurance

You don’t have to be as bold as Tom if you want to purchase one day car insurance.

You don’t have to be quite as extreme as Tom was, but remember, the option of one day car insurance is always there as a resolution. Whether it’s because you need to borrow a car for a day or you’ve just purchased a brand new one and need to get it home!

Here at InsureDaily, we offer:

  • Online Comprehensive Cover
  • Instant cover from 1-28 days
  • Drivers aged 19 to 75 years
  • Insure yourself on a different car
  • Insure someone else on your car

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