Need Temporary Insurance On A Toyota? Jap Show 2015


This Saturday and Sunday the Santa Pod Raceway will be hosting Jap Show. A Japanese vehicle showcase that will be displaying some of best Japanese built cars and Bikes on the market. Bring your own and race it round the the famed Santa Pods Raceway, legendary spot for FIA & FIM European Drag racing events. It doesn’t matter what kind or make you have, this is a celebration of all Japan has made for the motor mad people of Britain.

Looking to spend the weekend? Why not get yourself and a few friends together and head to Northhampshire for a weekend of speed, racing and so many opportunities to drool over some beautiful Japanese cars.

With Jap Show only a few days a way, time to get yourself tickets is running out. Click here to purchase a Saturday (£10), Sunday (£18) or Weekend (£28) ticket. At InsureDaily we can also provide you instant cover to drive a friend / family member’s car. Drive it the same day of purchase, perfect for those without a car and wanting to attend events, short notice. Even better for this event, you can get Temporary Car Insurance to show up with a Japanese Car, you know, so you don’t stand out. Click here for a Quote.

At Jap Show, £25 gets you unlimited runs on the Saturday and £20 will get you  4 runs on the Sunday. However, you get to sample the best of what Jap Show has to offer. Drag race events, drifting tournaments and there is even a showcase of the ridiculously fast 270 mph Jet car.

Want more? Well you’ll get more: Stunt Shows, Car Club Displays.

Want to show off? So many opportunities for that, with the Autoglym Show Car Event you can display your modified Mitsubishi or ragingly fast, super slick Honda GT. Maybe you don’t just want people to look at your car; you want them to hear it too. There will be an onsite Dyno that will register the power out-put of your vehicle.

Finally, it’s not just the cars that will keep you busy but there’s plenty of fun to be had. Such as fair rides to indulge your childlike side. Be warned though, at this event, they’ll probably be a massive line for the dodgems.

Evening entertainment takes a more mature turn with live DJ sets from DJ Craig Cutup Jones, N – Trance and more.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity. If your into cars, get yourself a ticket. If you need Temporary Car Insurance to attend this event, remember to use InsureDaily. Not only do we tell you about these great events, we help you to get there too.




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