Ideas For Days Out Before Winter

Siblings playing with maple leaves in autumn park

As you may have noticed Autumn is here. Leaves are dropping from the sky and the chill is starting to settle in.

You need to make use of the last few days of good weather before winter makes its unrequested return and outdoor activities become almost impossible. Luckily there’s a few things you can still do before then.

Attend an Oktoberfest Celebration

Around the UK there will be lots of people celebrating the German festival, that runs throughout the latter half of October. Many restaurants, bars and local hotspots will be donning the lederhosen and hiring the oompah bands for a full day of music, drink and food.

These occasions aren’t just for the older generation, as many event runners try to accommodate for the whole family. Take the Bradford Oktoberfest for example, that alongside a bustling inner tent (exclusively for adults) will also host family friendly activities: inflatables, raffles, performers.

So fill the car, lace up your lederhosen and book tickets to your nearest event.


Apple Picking

Instead of waiting for the fruit to fall from the tree, why not go pick it yourself? A fun and rewarding way to get your five a day, get some fresh air and get the freshest fruit possible.

Obviously not everyone lives near a farm. Those who live in more industrial or urban areas may need to do a bit of travelling, but the trip will be worth it.

Children love a good day out and there’s something about walking through the countryside with your family that’s quite humbling.

And if you coincide it with a day trip to some of the more popular rural locations in the UK (Cornwall, Dorset, Cheshire) not only do you get to visit a popular UK destination but you also get some free fruit – it’s a win win, really.


New Clothes!

A new season means new weather, which of course means new clothes!

Why not go on a big shopping spree with a large group of friends, to get new clothes for the coming wintery weather?

If you take a car, you can go to a few shopping centres and at the end of the day you can pile your purchases into a single car. No need to lug everything around.


Go for a Hike

Autumn may not strike you as prime hiking weather at first but, it’s actually one of the best times to go. Unlike doing a hike in the summer, a mild autumn day is less exhausting than a roaring summer day.

If you go walking through the woodlands you’ll be immersed in an array of beautiful colours from the plant life. You may even be treated to your last chance to spot certain wildlife, before they hide away for the winter.

Don’t lock yourself away in your home, winter hasn’t quite arrived yet. Make the most of the Autumn and try out some of our suggestions.

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