Great UK holidays, just a short drive away

As you may have noticed, this British summer has been stunning! It seems like every day the sun is beating down, making anyone stuck at their desks annoyed and wanting to be outside enjoying it.

But you shouldn’t have to miss out, you’re never more than a short car journey away from your next holiday destination and if you don’t have a car you can always borrow one. You just need to a short term car insurance policy and you should be good to go – get yourself a quote today

According to Stats by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), the average Brit goes on 3 separate holidays each year, with 30% of those people taking all their holidays in the UK. Those people have found out the secret to getting a fantastic holiday experience without having to spend hundreds of pounds on excessive summer flight prices.

What UK holidays are there?

There are a range of alternative holidays you can take in the UK, as opposed to the normal week-long trip abroad. The ABTA has broken down some of the most popular types of holidays for us Brits.

illustration of city buildings53% City Breaks

Get away to a city you’ve always wanted to know more about. There are so many culturally rich cities to visit in the UK (Bath, Oxford), as well as lively, busy ones (Manchester, London).

illustration of a sun38% Beach Holidays

As an island, the UK coast is never too far away, many of which have a fantastic range of hotels, restaurants and shops to visit. Some of the famed coastal cities in the UK include Brighton, Dover, Blackpool. Chill out by the ocean with your toes in the sand and an ice-cream in hand.

illustration of wheat24% Countryside Breaks

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time in the countryside. Take things slow and really savour every moment of your holiday. The countryside has a number of little quaint villages to visit, where you can partake in some of the local traditions. Only in the small town of Dorking can you do the annual wife carrying contest; only in Bonsall (Derbyshire) can you watch a famed hen race take place. Some other fantastic countryside locations include; Cornwall, Hexam and Bury St. Edmunds.

illustration of green tree10% Lake and Mountains

Though the UK doesn’t have many gigantic mountain vistas, it does have plenty of lush woodlands that have idyllic views and lakes. If you are an avid camper, New Forest, The Peak District, South Downs, are just a few of the great locations you could visit.

illustration of a shuttle cock9% Activity Holidays

If you’re the active type, there are activity parks across the UK that specialise in a range of outdoor activities, perfect for family bonding experiences. Look up the activities available at Heatherton world of activities, Centre Parks or even Butlins, and see if there’s anything that you like the sound of.

illustration of a guitar and music notes8% Trip to a Music Event

If you love your music, make a weekend of that passion. Music events are a good laugh and a chance to see some of the world’s greatest musicians. Short Term Car Insurance is perfect for these events, whether it’s a small niche event like Farm Fest or a big scale one like Glastonbury, it’s good to have your own transport, especially if you have a lot of heavy camping equipment to transport.

illustration of the side or a red house7% Renting a Private Home

Instead of a large group of you all booking into the same hotel, it’s very easy now to rent out a house or cottage. Find out what it would be like to live with a group of your closest friends, without having to commit to it forever. There are thousands of locations available across the UK. Places we would suggest include; Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.

Short Term Car Insurance is very useful if you need transport for a last minute holiday. Don’t waste this gorgeous weather. Find out more about Short Term Car Insurance and see how it can help you get to your next destination.



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