Get Clued up on New Driving Laws

New driving laws are always being discussed which can often overcloud when the law is actually coming into force. As a driver it’s important to keep up with changes, as you may just find yourself unstuck and unknowingly acting illegally! Here are a few to watch out for over the next few coming months…

Ban on smoking in a car with under 18’s – October 2015

According to the British Lung Foundation, more than 430,000 children are exposed to second-hand smoke in cars every week.

Smoking whilst driving with under 18’s in the car is to become illegal in England; the law will come into effect from 1 October this year and anyone caught will face a fine of £50.

The regulations were passed in the Commons after 342 MPs voted in favour of legislation while just 74 voted against.

Prescription takers to face tougher roadside tests – March 2015

If you are a regular prescription drug taker it’s time to start being extra careful.

Drivers who take over their medication prescribed amount could fail roadside drug tests from March this year. A new law and advanced technology have allowed this change to be implemented, meaning that police officers can identify drug drivers more efficiently – making our roads safer.

Drivers who are found to have above the prescribed amount of certain drugs (such as those taken to treat pain, anxiety or insomnia) in their system could face a £5,000 fine or imprisonment for up to six months.

Farewell counterpart section of the driving licence – June 2015

You might be able to relate to the hassle of having to hunt down this very important single piece of paper; well soon it will be useless. The counterpart section of the driving licence is going to be abolished from June this year, meaning that when you hire a car, take a driving test etc you won’t need it. So if you don’t have a photo card driving licence it might just be the time to get one!

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