Can I get one day’s car insurance? – InsureDaily

Can I get one day’s car insurance? - InsureDaily

Being able to buy one day’s car insurance helps people all around the country. Whatever the situation, InsureDaily specialises in short-term car insurance products to help you.

Can I get one day’s car insurance?

Yes, it’s possible to purchase one day’s car insurance. There are insurers out there who specialise in temporary car insurance policies, including us! We offer short-term car insurance from 1 up to 28 days. It’s also available to purchase online!

Our customers purchase one day’s car insurance for all kinds of reasons.

Here’s just a few of the examples of where one day’s car insurance could come in handy:

  • Getting cover for a courtesy car whilst your main car is in the garage.
  • You’re eyeing up a new car but need to take it for a test drive first.
  • Driving that new car back to your home address.
  • Driving a friend or family member’s car.

The list is endless, whatever you need it for – one day’s car insurance can be a cost-effective solution.

How can I buy one day’s car insurance?

As we mentioned before, one day’s car insurance with InsureDaily can be purchased online.

  • First, you’ll need to get a quote to find out your price. You can get a quote in just 30 seconds by entering a few bits of information.
  • If you’re happy with your price, you’ll need to provide us with more detailed information about yourself and the vehicle.
  • Proceed to payment.
  • Print your documents and get driving!

It’s that simple.

Other products we provide

We don’t just specialise in one day’s car insurance. If you need car insurance for longer than a day, we’ve got you!

Here at InsureDaily, we offer:

  • Online comprehensive cover
  • Instant cover from 1-28 days
  • Cover available for drivers aged 19 to 75 years


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