5 Ways That Short Term Insurance Can Make Your Christmas Less Stressful

It’s that time of the year again! As we all scramble to be with our families, we must address those stressful moments as well as the moments of joy.

Here at InsureDaily, we can offer a solution to some of the festive issues you may encounter during this season.

Upgrade your size

Christmas trees, presents, family members, can the size of your car accommodate them all? Avoid a tight squeeze by getting temporary cover on a bigger car or even a van for the day!

Learn more about van cover here.

Cover for your friends

Christmas parties and antics are at large during the seasonal period. It may be the case that you have too many mulled wines and can’t drive back home. If this happens, you can get a friend covered on your vehicle (who is under the limit) to drive you home (or to the next party) in just minutes thanks to our online comprehensive cover!


Share the driving

short term car insurance for Christmas

There are not many people who like long car journeys. If you’re planning a long-haul road trip to the relatives this season, why not get another driver covered on your car so you can share the driving? This is also a great solution to driving fatigue that occurs on these trips.

With InsureDaily, you can get cover for another driver on your car in minutes! See for yourself here.

Cover available immediately in case of spontaneous change of plans

Everyone knows what happens when families come together – all organisational skills go out of the window. If your family is one of those who change their mind about their plans every 5 minutes when they’re together, InsureDaily is here to help.

Have the freedom to pass on the driving to another family member, or get insured on their vehicle to get everyone from A to B with as little hassle as possible!

Drive instead of relying on public transport

short term car insurance for Christmas

We all know how difficult public transport can be, never mind how crazy it gets around this time of year. Avoid all of that and make your journey in your own time. No need to fear those train delays and lack of seats this Christmas!


Whatever you plans are for this Christmas, be sure to stay safe!

For more information on how InsureDaily could benefit you, and make your life easier this Christmas, click here.

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