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Can I insure a car for just one day?

The answer… yes. Yes, you can insure a car for just one day. How convenient is that? With more and more insurance options becoming available for drivers within the UK, travel is becoming more efficient than ever before.

One Day Insurance from InsureDaily

Have you ever thought about or felt the need to borrow someone else’s car but just haven’t done it because you thought the logistics of it all would be too complicated to sort out? Well, we have to tell you… you’re wrong! Getting temporary car insurance has never been easier.

With InsureDaily, you can get quick, online, instant cover in minutes from the comfort of your mobile, computer or tablet. Here’s some of the benefits in a nutshell:

  • Online Comprehensive Cover
  • Instant cover from 1-84 days
  • Cover for drivers aged between 18 to 75 years
  • You can insure someone else on your car
  • You can insure yourself on someone else’s car
  • Insurance documents emailed to you within minutes of purchasing the policy

As long as you have been driving, with a full UK driving licence, for at least 6 months and are over the age of 18, an InsureDaily Temporary Car Insurance policy could be the answer to all of your problems.

Why might you need Temporary Car Insurance for just one day?

The reasons are endless. Here’s a few:

  • In an emergency
  • Due to Covid-19 you no longer want to take public transport
  • You’re going on a trip and want to share the driving
  • Your neighbour’s car has broken down and they have asked to borrow yours
  • Your car has broken down and you need to borrow someone else’s car
  • Your own car is in the garage for repairs
  • Your car is too small for all the stuff you need to transport that day
  • The designated driver has had too much to drink and therefore legally, someone else must drive home instead
  • Friends or family are visiting and they wish to borrow your car to pop out
  • You’re buying a new car but it’s not available just yet and you have sold yours but need a car for the meantime to get you from A to B
  • Cost / financial reasons

Short-term Temporary Car Insurance from InsureDaily

Whatever the reason may be, here at InsureDaily we’re here to do the hard work for you so after just a few clicks and answering a few questions, a Temporary Car Insurance policy is created just for you!

The Short-Term Insurance ‘Quote & Cover process’ online at InsureDaily can be completed in just 4 simple steps:

  1. Online quote in seconds (select the quote you wish to purchase)
  2. Complete the proposal form
  3. Make a secure online payment
  4. Documents will be emailed to you – print the certificate and drive!

We’ve tried our very best to make the website as user-friendly and as efficient as possible. For further information, or to find out for yourself, visit the InsureDaily website.